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Static aluminium steel evaporators for large systems (direct and/or glycol expansion)

The STAINLESS STEEL STATIC EVAPORATORS OMT Triaca are particularly suitable for large systems, especially where a high moisture content is required, low weight drop of the product stored and energy savings. Such batteries can be supplied with chilled liquids (+1°C in chilled water, anti-freeze solutions: e.g. glycol) or direct expansion of gas (freon, ammonia, etc.).


– PIPES used have an outer diameter of 25 mm. They are made of AISI 304 electro welded stainless steel according to ASTM A312 annealed and tested individually under pressure. – FINS The fins are individually stamped with a special shape, designed to allow a high heat exchange efficiency (the cold “descends well” on the product) and an optimal collection of condensate. They are fabricated in aluminium to have the highest coefficient of heat transmission. – EVAPORATOR ASSEMBLY: The columns are made by combining pipes and fins for mechanical rolling, ensuring the best conditions for heat exchange. The evaporator can be ceiling or wall mounted. It is possible to place a special plastic pipe for hot water supply (defrosting and/or humidity control).
Batteries are supplied with a condensate drip tray in AISI 304 stainless steel. The STATIC EVAPORATORS are ideal for all curing cells (e.g. cheese) given the ammonia strength of the atmosphere making them indispensable for cells with high humidity (close to saturation) due to the particular geometry of the fins (available with a standard pitch of 28 mm or a special pitch of 14 mm), ensuring virtually no danger of clogging by frost, even with low expansion. We have the experience of calculating the desired relative humidity in the environment.
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Applications: Dairy (blue cheese, taleggio cheese, fontina cheese, etc.), conservation of meat, fish, vegetables, berries, apples and food in general.
The standard requires model 3T 130G has a total length of 3900 mm and a 28 mm fin pitch. Total evaporating area is 18.75 m2.

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