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CIP 3×2000 Automatic

The mobile CIP washing unit OMT 3×2000 was designed to wash in a continuous cycle programmed with machines and food tanks.

In the food industry, the easiest and cheapest way to wash and sanitize equipment is the CIP. (Clean-In-Place).

Normally, the CIPs on the market are semi-automatic. This presupposes that the CIP should be consistently followed by an EXPERT operator taking under control the temperature and concentrations of the washing fluids (caustic and acid) in order to obtain optimal washing. The operator should always control the characteristics of return solutions during washing in order to economize the consumption of detergents (caustic and acid). This should be performed with sophisticated instrumentation (e.g. conductivity meters) that are readable and understandable by only “technical” experts.

The 3 x 2000 CIP allows the operator, without the aid of technical preparations, to prepare up to 40 custom load recipes when necessary, with the push of a button on the TOUCH-SCREEN panel, thus washing loads in AUTO mode. This is allowed by equipment which is fitted to the 3 x 2000 CIP which is easy to read and use, allowing even less experienced operators to carry out the washing preparation procedures. The equipment which is fitted to the 3 x 2000 CIP provides a direct reading of the concentration of detergents and reintegrates them automatically when it decreases. Always in the automatic mode, it controls the return solutions retrieving them through a further control line, avoiding any waste.

Fields of application: ice cream and liquid foods in general.

The 3 x 2000 CIP OMT is then built specifically to address the problems of sanitation in companies wishing to economize as much waste as possible in a simple and flexible mode, always guaranteeing optimal washing.


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