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Chilled water tank with ice accumulation

The need to have a large cooling capacity available to be used in a few hours without having to install large power plants, has led to the development and distribution of a CHILLED WATER TANK WITH ICE ACCUMULATION. This is based on the principle that latent heat of fusion of 1 kg of ice is equivalent to 80 Kcal at a constant melting temperature of 0°C, and it is therefore possible to accumulate large amounts of chilled water supply in relatively small volumes. Our CHILLED WATER systems are an application of this principle: Perfectly insulated tanks containing water in which smooth tube coils are immersed where a refrigerant circulates (freon, glycol, ammonia) outside of which forms a sleeve of ice with a predetermined thickness and controlled by the state of the ice. Subsequently, water is drawn from the tank at a temperature of 0.5°C (ice melting is assured by a stirring blower system) and sent to the system by means of the pump, back into the tank and distributed over the coils.

Application fields: Dairy, beer, meat, fish, vegetables and food in general.

Our tanks combined with our static evaporators can be used in refrigeration cells or with positive curing temperatures greater than 3/4°C. Our tanks are also used in civil and industrial air conditioning systems (ice build-up allows considerable energy savings).

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