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CIP 2×500 Automatic

The mobile CIP washing unit OMT 2×500 was designed to wash in a continuous cycle programmed with machines and food tanks.

In the food industry, the easiest and cheapest way to wash and sanitize equipment is the CIP. (Clean-In-Place).

The system consists of circulating, in a closed cycle, specific products mixed with water for a given time and at a certain temperature (see operation diagram). At the end of the wash cycle, the machines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and ready to start a new production without the need for manual removal of residues from the previous production.


The 2 x 500 CIP OMT is built specifically to address the problems of sanitation for companies wishing to save as much wastage as possible in a simple and flexible mode, always guaranteeing optimal washing, despite being of simple construction and use, allows continuous control of the CONCENTRATION and the temperature of the wash solution in AUTOMATIC mode, thus ensuring a constant degree of cleaning and sanitizing.

Furthermore, the CIP OMT is equipped with a high pressure output pump, which allows an excellent cleaning of the larger vats, and a self-priming pump for the return, which allows keeping the bottom of the tank always empty, thus ensuring the latter is properly washed.

Fields of application:  ice cream and liquid foods in general.

The basic variants are:
– Steam heating
– Hot water heating

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