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Chilled water for bread-making

Water chillers for bread-making machines are suitable for producing chilled water at a temperatures close to 0°C. The system entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel provides you the confidence that chilled water can be used directly for food applications (Bakery, Confectionery, etc.).
Accurate execution, simplicity with the unit combined with robust construction and using of the best components and materials, ensures that the water chillers are very reliable and safe as required in the construction of industrial plants where refrigerant systems are an important step in the production process.
The production range allows you to choose the most suitable machine for every application. Each machine is equipped with a tank that holds a fixed amount of chilled water, 100 Lt or 200 Lt. allowing models with a stirrer, even allowing ice accumulation.
In particular, the models with ice accumulation have the same capacity in volume as normal models with even a BOOSTER, hence the possibility of “drawing” icy water until complete dissolution of ice inside, thus increasing the amount of chilled water available.

This type of machine has been produced for several years with specific requests from the largest companies in the bread-making and confectionery industry, hence with proven reliability tested in the field.

Application fields: Bread-making, dairy, beer, cured meat (sausages), fish, vegetables and food in general.
Our tanks are also used in small pasteurization installations (models with ice accumulation).

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