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Falling Film Evaporator – Baudelot cooler

This type of cooler is usually used to cool the water of process close to freezing (+ 1 ° C) when the involved powers are high.

The system consists of inflated stainless steel plates assembled in batteries with a special tray that distributes the water mist on the surface of the plates – where inside circulates the cooling fluid – and forms a continuous film on the outside of the plate.

The distribution tray is fundamental and should ensure the uniformity of the water film, which must have a constant flow rate and ends in the lower tank where there is the pump attachment. In this way, given the high descent speed, you get very high K transmission coefficients.

An opening system facilitates inspection and periodic cleaning to maintain high efficiency of the system. To maintain a constant flow there are additional attachments to connect one or more recycling pumps between the collecting tank and the distribution tray.

Note: The Baudelot cooler or Falling Film is a system with a very high m2 performance. But unlike the plate chiller this system requires maintenance to maintain its efficiency.

In many applications of food industry they don’t use antifreeze (necessary when using closed bundle of pipes or plates exchangers) to exclude any contamination of treated products.

The FALLING FILM plants series by OMT are designed to produce chilled water at a temperature close to 0 ° C in an open-loop system without hazards due to icing. The stainless steel execution gives the assurance that the chilled water is always in contact with stainless steel parts AISI 304 or 316L that can be used directly for the use required.

Accurate execution, combined with robust construction and use of the best components and materials, make FALLING FILM OMT chillers very reliable and safe as is required in the construction of industrial plants where the cold is an important step in the production process. The choice made in collaboration with our technical department will guide you on the best open-loop system available in our range (Falling film or plate chiller).

Application fields: Dairy, beer, meat, fish, vegetables and food in general. The FALLING FILM systems are preferred in applications where great powers with limited space are required.



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