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Plate Chiller (tank with battery plates with direct and/or glycol expansion immersion)

Ice storage tanks without direct expansion refrigeration unit

The tanks of the PLATE CHILLER series are suitable to produce chilled water at a temperature close to 0 °C without the risk of freezing.

In many applications it is therefore possible to avoid anti-freezers (glycol etc.) excluding possible contamination of treated products.

The system entirely in stainless steel provides you the confidence that the chilled water is always in contact with parties in AISI 304 stainless steel and can be used directly for food applications (bakery, confectionery, etc.). In many applications, the PLATE CHILLER with the addition of anti-freeze chillers are used for temperatures below 0°C (for such applications, please consult our Technical Department).

Accurate execution, simplicity with the unit combined with robust construction and using of the best components and materials, ensures that the PLATE CHILLERS are very reliable and safe as required in the construction of industrial plants where refrigerant systems are an important step in the production process.
The production range (up to 2000 kW in a single tank) allows you to choose the most suitable machine for every application. Each machine is equipped with a large tank containing chilled water allowing a good heat exchange that guarantees perfect control of the temperatures inside the tank, unlike traditional chillers where storage tanks are usually incorporated.

Application fields: Dairy, beer, meat, fish, vegetables and food in general.

A peculiar feature of this system is that it practically reduces maintenance to zero, unlike the Falling-film systems where instead pollution or ice formation can generate annoying and costly plant shut downs.


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